Thursday, June 9, 2011


"Suggest that anime with the jars."

Yep. Strange request is strange. Maybe he wants to see One Guy One Jar?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tongiht keeps getting better!

"Imma shove my leather thong in your mouth!"

One of my friends went on a date tonight and he overheard that in a restaurant. Apparently two people there were going to do some BDSM stuff tonight.

Just happened.

"Justin Bieber is a social phenomenon." "Justin Bieber sucks cock."

Two guys sitting 5 feet away from me.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


No idea how many Vegas quotes I have, so here's a bunch.

From a truck that was going down and up the strip: "GIRLS TO YOU IN 20 MINUTES!"

When the sun was setting: "Hey, check this out" "Hey man, we got girls" etc. from people on the street handing out hooker fliers.

"This is the chonga." Two people in my hotel when I asked them about the drink they had. Fuck huge margarita with 2 beers. Yes, I got one.

"I was up $48k and lost it all in a roulette game. Don't drink and play." Guy who taught us the ropes on table games.

At a roulette table: "..." "I love the quiet types. They come up with $100 or so and lose it all." (yes, the quiet guy had left by then)

And yes, I played a lot of roulette. In fact, that's basically all I played. From $60, I went up $190 in an hour.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Two for one: Finals and turtles

I got at least 3 emails yesterday that were sent out to the entire class saying, "When's tomorrow's final?" "What time is the final?" "When and where is the final?" Uh, check the final exam schedule and/or the class syllabus. It isn't like we've been discussing the Friday the 13th final exam at 9:45 AM in class at all for the past 3 weeks either. Idiots.

"Oh, hey, you missed it! The cops were here a few minutes ago."
"Were they here to arrest me for fucking the turtle?"

No more context on the last one will be given.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Haters gonna hate.

"X is shit/sucks/terrible/etc."

Any time a series doesn't end up exactly like how this guy wants it to go. No Kuroneko end for Oreimo? In that case, the whole series sucks. Anything that isn't something he likes = shit. It's annoying, but when we agree on something, he's ok. That, and he's a good drinking buddy and he's one of the few people i know here sticking around for the summer.

Monday, May 9, 2011

North Korea, Part 1

My professor in East Asia history said a North Korean tour guide asked him, "Do you have any porn?"

Basically, if you give them porn, they give it to their higher-ups who reward the guide. Or something like that. I doubt it works like that now since this was back in the 80's when he visited North Korea.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Picking a shower...

I walk into the bathroom of the dorm. There's a guy already in there, just walked out of the stall to be exact. He stops and stares at me. I ask something like, "Is there something on my face?" and he answers back, "Well, which shower are you picking?"

Does it really matter that damn much that you'll stop and stare instead of, you know, picking whichever shower you want? We have 3 in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure no matter which one you take, I can get one I like. Yes, I prefer the one farthest from the door, but who cares! There are walls between each shower and, at most, all you'd see of another guy is their feet.

Worst part: this guy is in ROTC. I thought ROTC was supposed to give you balls. This guy has no balls.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Person Who Was Evicted, Part 1

"What's the best thing to get shit out of your blood?"

WHAT. THE. FUCK!? I don't even know what the worst part about this is: A) she's a college student B) she thinks shit in blood is normal. Fun fact: this person was the reason I became a shut-in for a month or so. Also, she got evicted on the first day of spring break for starting a fight with the staff members.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In class: 5/4

Discussion was on practice for the final. Question involved the equation f(p,q)=min(1-p,q). That equation is basically the mathematical representation of the truth value of an if/then statement. The only way to get 0 is if you go from truth (if true statement...) to falsity (... then false statement.).

"So how do we deal with the comma? Is it like an and?"

Fact: we covered this in the 2nd week and it was on our first midterm. And besides, this is middle-school level stuff, especially compared to what we're studying now.

Introduction. Like hell you'll read it.

Basically, I haven't updated my rant blog in forever, so I'm closing it. This is going take up from where that one left up, but mostly about stuff I overhear from idiots. Some will be from classes, others from just sitting around. I don't care where it comes from, idiots are everywhere.