Saturday, May 21, 2011


No idea how many Vegas quotes I have, so here's a bunch.

From a truck that was going down and up the strip: "GIRLS TO YOU IN 20 MINUTES!"

When the sun was setting: "Hey, check this out" "Hey man, we got girls" etc. from people on the street handing out hooker fliers.

"This is the chonga." Two people in my hotel when I asked them about the drink they had. Fuck huge margarita with 2 beers. Yes, I got one.

"I was up $48k and lost it all in a roulette game. Don't drink and play." Guy who taught us the ropes on table games.

At a roulette table: "..." "I love the quiet types. They come up with $100 or so and lose it all." (yes, the quiet guy had left by then)

And yes, I played a lot of roulette. In fact, that's basically all I played. From $60, I went up $190 in an hour.

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