Saturday, May 7, 2011

Picking a shower...

I walk into the bathroom of the dorm. There's a guy already in there, just walked out of the stall to be exact. He stops and stares at me. I ask something like, "Is there something on my face?" and he answers back, "Well, which shower are you picking?"

Does it really matter that damn much that you'll stop and stare instead of, you know, picking whichever shower you want? We have 3 in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure no matter which one you take, I can get one I like. Yes, I prefer the one farthest from the door, but who cares! There are walls between each shower and, at most, all you'd see of another guy is their feet.

Worst part: this guy is in ROTC. I thought ROTC was supposed to give you balls. This guy has no balls.

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