Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In class: 5/4

Discussion was on practice for the final. Question involved the equation f(p,q)=min(1-p,q). That equation is basically the mathematical representation of the truth value of an if/then statement. The only way to get 0 is if you go from truth (if true statement...) to falsity (... then false statement.).

"So how do we deal with the comma? Is it like an and?"

Fact: we covered this in the 2nd week and it was on our first midterm. And besides, this is middle-school level stuff, especially compared to what we're studying now.


  1. wow. finals seem very hard.
    i live in the UK and we just have exams, almost like finals

  2. Lol, i'm going to guess the one who said it has no interest

  3. thats intense, get cracking and go work! then read up! my blog touches on that. I think this is ridiculous.